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Gonio VR is a physiotherapy Virtual Reality (VR) rehabilitation tool that performs accurate ROM and helps patients with their rehabilitation. Gonio VR is developed in collaboration with physiotherapists and experts, ensuring that your rehabilitation is fun, measurable and tailored to your exact level and progression. The program has several different functions for both the patient and the therapist. Read more.


01 / The user

The user gets an intuitive introduction to the virtual world. An automatic measurement of the joint movement will be done, which will construct the rehabilitation games to the user’s level and their progression. The games are designed with the user in mind which is why the focus is on the entertainment value. The user can follow his own progress in their rehabilitation and there are various games for the current joint.

02 / The physiotherapist

Gonio VR provides safe and motivating exercises disguised in games for the patient. Before each session, the user’s Range Of Motion is measured quickly and accurately, adjusting the activity to the patient’s level. After the session precise pain measurements of the patient’s injury are performed. Gonio VR has different games and experiences for each joint of the body.

03 / Data

Gonio VR clearly illustrates the procession of each patient, which is accessible for both the patient and the physiotherapist. in addition, all data is collected for use by the physiotherapist. Additionally, Gonio VR takes the data law into account.

Physiotherapy Virtual Reality - Gonio VR
Physiotherapy Virtual Reality - Gonio VR
Physiotherapy Virtual Reality - Teknologiske Institut
Physiotherapy Virtual Reality - Accelerace
Physiotherapy Virtual Reality - Aarhus Universitet

Why Gonio VR?

Gonio VR consists of a solid team that has great interest and knowledge within Virtual Reality, the development of games and the physiotherapist field. Each employee has a different area of responsibility but with a inbound knowledge of each other’s areas. This creates a company synergy that results in the best possible product for both the physiotherapists and the patiens. Gonio VR always strives to improve and to be completely updated on the latest knowledge within the respective fields. Gonio VR is created to rethink physiotherapy rehabilitation. Learn more about the team.

Gonio VR Virtual Reality Physiotherapy

The team

Physiotherapy Virtual Reality - Ege Jespersen



Physiotherapy Virtual Reality - Samuel Jessen



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