The product

The product

Gonio VR

Gonio VR is designed with the purpose to make rehabilitation measurable and fun in a Virtual Reality environment. The program has been developed primarily for joint pain and musculoskeletal problems but can also be used for neurological problems. The program has several features that make is easy for both the patient and the therapist to design the rehabilitation. For the therapist, very precise statistics on the patient’s movement and pain are being conducted and thus less time can be spend on documentation and follow-up. For the patient the statistics gives motivation to continue the rehabilitation, since even small progress can be seen from session to session. The activities are created as games in Virtual Reality to keep the patient’s attention and motivation so that the correct amount of training is done. Through measurements the games fit the patients level and joint pain. Read about the team behind Gonio VR.


01 / The user

The user gets an intuitive introduction to the Virtual Reality world. An automatic measurement of the joint movement will be done, which will construct the rehabilitation games to the user’s level and their progression. The games are designed with the user in mind which is why the focus is on the entertainment value. The user can follow his own progress in their rehabilitation and there are various games for the current joint.

02 / The physiotherapist

Gonio VR provides safe and motivating exercises disguised in games for the patient. Before each session, the user’s Range Of Motion is measured quickly and accurately, adjusting the activity to the patient’s level. After the session precise pain measurements of the patient’s injury are performed. Gonio VR has different games and experiences for each joint of the body.

03 / Data

Gonio VR clearly illustrates the procession of each patient, which is accessible for both the patient and the physiotherapist. in addition, all data is collected for use by the physiotherapist. Additionally, Gonio VR takes the data law into account.


Pilot project

By taking part in a pilot collaboration, you are able to test Gonio VR for a limited time. This gives you a possibility to try Gonio VR for free in a limited time periode. In exchange you share data and experiences with the team to make the product even better.
This is primarily for clinics, hospitals and municipal units.


When you subscribe to Gonio VR, you get full access to all features and ongoing updates. We regularly update the contents of Gonio VR and you can expect both improvements in user experience as well as new activities for several joint parts of the body. By subscribing to this package, you get the full Gonio VR experience with updates and support. A subscription includes help for setting up Gonio VR and three hours workshop to get started.
The monthly price is 1.000 DKK.

If you need help to purchasing hardware and setting it up, don’t hesitate to contact us and we work out a solution that fits your needs.

Get Gonio VR

Here you can download he latest version of Gonio VR. You will need an account in order to access the content. Contact us for more information about creating an account.

Download Gonio VR for Windows (1.2.0)

The team

Fysioterapeutisk Virtual Reality - Ege Jespersen



Fysioterapeutisk Virtual Reality - Samuel Jessen



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