The team

The team

Who is Gonio VR?

The Gonio VR team was created in the light of what Jesper Aggergaard saw after years as a physiotherapist and owner of a physiotherapist clinic. There was reversal and universal problems during rehabilitation. Often the patients’ motivation to perform the rehabilitation exercises was declining over time, as rehabilitation is often a long process. Because of this many patients dropped the course and had permanent injuries which meant that they later on had to start the course all over again. In addition, a problem for the physiotherapists were to measure the patients’ progression which was a demotivating  for both parties. With this knowledge, Jesper contacted Ege Jespersen, who holds the strategic design company Åte VR, with the vision of revolutionizing rehabilitation. Ege Jespersen saw a clear value in the vision and thus they formed Gonio VR.

The team behind Gonio VR consists of a developer team and a physiotherapist. Our design approach is inspired by ‘participatory design’ which means that there is a close cooperation between us a developers, the patients and the therapists who use the program. With this synergy we can create the best experience and value for both the therapists and the patients.

Vision and values

Gonio VR wants to revolutionize the way we rehabilitate through expertise.

Through Virtual Reality we want to make rehabilitation more fun. We will put all that are tedious and routine in rehabilitation on autopilot and make the journey for the patient and the therapist easier. In this way the focus can be on what is most important, the personal contact in a rehabilitation process.

Gonio VR creates value to both the patient and the therapist through:

  • an easy and accurate measuring of pain and ROM
  • easier handling of multiple patients at once
  • making rehabilitation exercises a breeze instead of a boring routine
  • making rehabilitation exercises automatically adjust to the patient’s level
  • that the patient independently can use Gonio VR after the first session
  • increasing patients’ motivation for rehabilitation
  • giving therapists the ability to create better and faster outcomes
  • making Gonio VR a cheap alternative compared to other rehabilitation machines.
Fysioterapeutisk Virtual Reality - Gonio VR Team
Fysioterapeutisk Virtual Reality - Gonio VR Team
Fysioterapeutisk Virtual Reality - Teknologiske Institut Team
Fysioterapeutisk Virtual Reality - Accelerace Team
Fysioterapeutisk Virtual Reality - Aarhus Universitet Team

The team

Fysioterapeutisk Virtual Reality - Team Ege Jespersen



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